Leadership Is A Construct Used To Define The Relationship

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Leadership is a construct used to define the relationship between leaders and followers including the skills and behaviors that make an effective leader. Transformational leadership is an approach to leadership that focuses on the emotional and social interaction with followers; it is categorized as being influential, inspirational, and intellectually stimulating. (PSU, L1, P5.). Transformational leadership is the desired approach to being an effective leader. Like any skill, the way to obtain and improve them is through a development process. Leadership development requires an understanding of human nature, including personalities, ethics, and motivations. At its core, leadership is about human interaction between leaders and…show more content…
(PSU, L4, P5.). In the area of extraversion, I scored high. Having these qualities has helped me to get more involved in things and have more experiences furthering my development. There is an old adage ‘there are two sides to every coin’, this may apply here as well. As an extravert, I am very talkative, but I may lack in my active listening skills. I completed an active listening self-assessment, and found that my tendencies to start processing responses and even sometime interrupt before the speaker is completed their thought is an important area for my personal development. Agreeableness characteristics effect how well you get along with others. Some examples of these characteristics include good natured, courteous, critical, rude, etc… (PSU, L4, P5.). I had an average score in this area, which means I am over eager to please nor am I harshly critical. I think being more even regarding agreeableness is better suited for effective leadership. If you are too eager to please, or too worried about everyone liking you, it could lead to compromising your standards to bend to others wills. On the other hand if you are too unharmonious, no one will one to work with you, and certainly won’t want to follow you. I can’t think of a particular weakness I have in the area of agreeableness. As for a strength, I never hold grudges. If there is an issue or something bothering me, even if someone did me wrong, I address the issue then move on. Conscientiousness
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