Leadership Is A Difficult Topic

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Leadership is a difficult topic to discuss. It’s something we want to get right but is difficult to put a vocabulary to or quantify. What has made me the leader I am today is a combination of hundreds, even thousands of variables, many that I may not even remember. The struggles I’ve had to overcome definitely are high on the list, not so much because I overcame them, but because I had to do it myself. Not too often did a mentor reach out and offer support or advice. This seems to have greatly influenced me today as I tend to be very connected with my people and am genuinely in their personal development. To put the nature of those relationships into context, I have been coaching wrestling at the middle school, high school and university level for more than twelve years. The concept of “we succeed and fail as a team” is something that I deeply embody.

Though too numerous to discuss, three leaders come to mind who I deeply admire and have influenced me to some degree: Colin Powell, John Hangey, and CWO Matt James.

Though I have only briefly met his wife, Colin Powell is the “high-level” leader I most admire. He served in numerous high profile positions such as National Security Advisor, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Secretary of State. What has always fascinated me about him is his upbringing. Academics in high school and college were not impressive by any means; he specifically chose to major in Geology because it was the easiest. Yet, he was always…
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