Leadership Is A Difficult Topic

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Leadership is a difficult topic to discuss. It’s something we want to get right but is difficult to put a vocabulary to or quantify. What has made me the leader I am today is a combination of hundreds, even thousands of variables, many that I may not even remember. The struggles I’ve had to overcome definitely are high on the list, not so much because I overcame them, but because I had to do it myself. Not too often did a mentor reach out and offer support or advice. This seems to have greatly influenced me today as I tend to be very connected with my people and am genuinely in their personal development. To put the nature of those relationships into context, I have been coaching wrestling at the middle school, high school and…show more content…
Powell was also a forward thinking individual, a trait that I very much relate with. The non-Coast Guard leader who has directly influenced me the most is perhaps my college wrestling coach, John Hangey. After barely graduating high school, quitting the high school wrestling team, and serving for seven years in the Coast Guard, I somehow found myself on a Division I college wrestling team. The process getting there wasn’t easy, but this was my penance and being successful was of deep personal importance. I shared this with John and he took me under his wing. His leadership skills are easily apparent, confident, hard working, head strong, wide reaching yet personable. He is someone who can talk to and relate to both young athletes and university executives with refreshing candor. His larger-than-life personality is never overbearing, yet dually keeps you on your toes and instills confidence. Words simply cannot convey the full strength of his personality, only experiencing it in person can one fully understand. BOSN3 Matt James is the Coast Guardsman that has inspired me the most. He is a charismatic leader who values his people, instills confidence, and sets an example at all times. Matt is a forward thinker, values intelligence, and like me, and enjoys debate for its own sake. He uses this as a method to gain input from others and ensures those opinions are
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