Leadership Is A Form Of Communication

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Leadership Defined Leadership is defined differently according to one’s field and/or personal beliefs. According to Howard (2005) leadership is a form of “communication that involves coaching, motivating/inspiring, directing/guiding, and supporting/counseling others (pg.385).” Leadership leads to a production of outcomes for the goals that have been established in an organization (Howard,2005). In accordance Arnold, Connelly, Walsh, and Martin Ginis (2015) state that someone who is a leader influences tasks objectives and monitors the behaviors that help to complete these objectives. Howard (2005) states that leaders have four characteristics that include providing direction, creating trust and hope, and taking actions and risks. According to Tiuraniemi (2008) a leader should self-assess both their performance as well as their personality. Being self aware of what their team members think of them, allows a leader is able to do better at their job because they are able to change their behaviors or way or leading if they see fit (Tiuraniemi, 2008). Participative leadership is one of many leaderships styles that one can encompass. This form of leadership focuses on being interactive with others in an organization (Grasmick, Davies, & Harbour, 2012). Lam, Xu, and Chan (2015) define participative leadership as a “shared influence and joint decision making between a leader and their followers (pg. 836).” In agreement, Krause and Rossberger (2015) state that this form
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