Leadership Is A God Given Gift. De Facto Not Just Anyone Can Be A Leader

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The ability to lead takes heart and patience. One might say that leadership is a God-given gift; de facto not just anyone can be a leader. Education today is an embodiment of diversity. Each aspect of the educational institution’s architecture demands an array of varying needs be meet with precision, dedication, mastery, and fortitude. A leader must personify patience, enthusiasm, and a desire for continued learning. A leader must lead by example. These traits embody an exceptional leader, which in the fast-paced, instant gratification society of today, are few and far between. Leadership, specifically educational leadership, can be difficult to delineate and differentiate from mere management. Moreover, educational leaders have a vast amount of responsibility to those they inspire, motivate, and influence in the school environment from students to staff to community (Avolio, Walumbwa, & Weber, 2009). Successful administrative leaders in education employ various theories of leadership, as well as self-tendencies and understand the need to cultivate a personal authentic leadership style.
Leadership profile
In order to define leadership and develop an effective leadership style, it is necessary to identify the leadership qualities one already possesses. Over several decades many studies have tried to delineate specific characteristics attributed to definitive styles of great leaders. Thankfully, these studies have not produced a magical formula for leadership or a set

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