Leadership Is A Good Leader

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Leadership is one of the most valuable assets a human being can posses, and leadership is basically a legitimate influence of a person on a group towards the achievement of a set of goals. Not everyone can be a leader, and it’s very important for non-leaders to have leaders in their presence. Leaders are important to help guide none leaders, because everyone has different opinion and without a leader it is easy for a situation with none leaders to become chaotic. It is very important to understand what a leader is so that someone can know the qualities that makes them a good leader, sometimes people in authority are often mistaken for leaders, but not everyone in a leadership position is considered a leader. Leadership takes on different…show more content…
To empower others means allowing them to do things differently than the leader would have done them”(Long, 2007, para.6). Some of the best leaders out practice certain leadership principles that set them apart. One of them is to believe in your subordinates, believing in your subordinates give them the confidence they need to complete the task at hand. Good leaders also encourage their subordinates, and almost everyone at time needs some level of encouragement to do more and to be more. Good leaders always challenge their subordinates, they challenge them in different ways, which may be to think big or to push past their limit, and at the end a good leader corrects a subordinates, and bring them back onto the right track if they are going of a little bit. Chapter one lesson on leadership is one that can help improve someone leadership skills in the work place. One way that someone can improve their leadership skill is by moving slightly away from the managerial aspect like the strict rules, and concentrating more on the subordinates. Being more involve as a leader make you more knowledgeable of your subordinates, and when you know about them it because easier for them to follow you and in return you lead them. At the end of it all, if you no longer hold the title of manager will the people you lead still be willing to follow you? If they are then you have been
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