Leadership Is A Good Leader

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Leadership What exactly is leadership? Many people believe that leadership is an easy role to fulfill, and that it is an easy job. Many believe that leadership can only be achieved as you assume a high role in the work force, school, or other position. But I do not believe that this is true. I do not believe leadership is something that absolutely everyone is capable of at every point in their life. Leadership is not necessarily the easiest job in the world, but it can definitely be one of the most rewarding. A leader should possess certain traits and be a person worth following. I am the product of leaders, both strong and weak leaders. Many strong leaders have constantly poured into my life and into my faith. They have taught me how to be strong, and to live my life loving others. They not only talked how to live out these qualities, instead they were living examples of their own words. I believe that a good leader should be inspiration in some sort of way. They should inspire others to either want to do better and succeed, or to change their perspective on life. In retrospect, I have been led by leaders who do not have themselves together and just don’t take their responsibility seriously. I strongly believe that a non-effect leader is a waste of time to both the leader and to all the people that the leader has power over. Instead of getting aggravated at weak leaders and complaining about them, I believe it is instead an opportunity to learn from their mistakes and

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