Leadership Is A Key Factor Essay

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Leadership means the ability of a superior to influence the behaviour of subordinates and persuade them to follow a particular course of action (Barnard, 1938)Effective leadership is a key factor in the life and success of an organisation. There are many theories of leadership have been proposed like Great man theory, trait theory , The managerial grid and Theory X and Theory Y as it’s a part of behaviour theory and Participative theory. There are many traits and skill of person which makes normal person to leader. There are honesty, passion, respect, clarity, emotional stability etc. From them we just now concentrate on these five qualities. There are, 1. Vision Vision is more important than your leadership skill as without this skill team cannot go anywhere like this skill is a heart of leadership (Small Business, 2012). Vision can have power in that leader can see the future state in present and built a road to arrive at stated future goal (Kohut, 2013).With clear vision leader can make plan to get involved in the activity to achieve the goal in defined time. There is confidence in each action which has vision in behind (Richter). Finally it is like how organisation looks like after some time or may be at which stage it will be in near future (Richter). It provides the execution idea and also motivation. 2. Tolerant to stress Each person has optimal level of stress that they actually enjoy. It makes work exiting and engaging. But when we pass that level, stress becomes
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