Leadership Is A Leader And Knowing

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What exactly is leadership? Leadership is taking in to accountability your responsibility as a leader and knowing and doing what you need to do to guide people in the right direction. A quote that I thought would be good to share you all is quoted from a person named Vinci Lombardi. In his own words, “Leaders aren’t born, they are made. And they are made just like anything else, through hard work.” From this quote, you figure out that leaders weren’t born as leaders; they worked hard to get to the level where they are now. Even though they may learn aspects on how to lead quicker than someone else does, that doesn’t mean that anyone can’t be a leader. Whether small or big, never give up! A leader also needs to be able to stand up for what…show more content…
If a leader is motivating and pushing his or her followers to accomplish the assigned mission, this part of the leader is good, however, if the leader doesn’t even attempt to join in and help the team, that implies bad leadership. It implies bad leadership because, motivating someone isn’t hard to do. A leader goes above and beyond what is expected of him or her. Therefore, if a leader doesn’t want to help, this is a trait that a leader SHOULD NOT possess. A leader should be willing to help his or her followers because it shows respect to the team because once in their life, the leader was a follower as well. Is following a choice, or an unconscious want? It is actually both, however it differs from situation to situation. For example, in the story “Herd Mentality? The Freakonomics of Boarding a Bus,” the narrator said that most people gravitate to point A (Point A is the bus stop closest to the narrator’s apartment). There is also an alternative point that people could go to, point B (Point B is the bus that is a block west from the first bus, point A). The narrator also mentions that most people don’t even think about the existence of point B nor the amount of people that would be using the transportation from it. This is an example of a follower going along the lines of an unconscious want or also known as peer
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