Leadership Is A Process Of Interaction Between People

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Over time, theories of leadership have been a long time evolved, so far there are varies of definition of leadership. The most adequate definition that was agreed by this paper is “leadership is a process of interaction between people; is a behaviour that can influence a man or a group of people” (Xu, 2003, p. 46). In conclusion, leadership is a power that can influence, guide people to achieve the target that they all have. Management style means the leadership practices, Zagorsek, Jaklic & Stough (2004) cited Kouzes and Posner’s study result, in the study Kouzes and Posner had identified five practices that are common to successful leaders, they are “challenging the process, inspiring and a shared vision, enabling others to act, modeling the way and encouraging the hearth” (p. 18). And they also said those practices will affected by culture, that means different leader in different culture background will trend to different practices.

This term I have attended the course of cross-culture management, one of the key is the leadership of multinational team work, in my team, their are nine numbers separately from China and Nigerian, one is far east asian country and one is west African country. Because we have two different cultures so the leaderships and management styles will be different. This paper is in order to illustrate the leadership and the leadership in different culture and its management style. The section two is literature review, in this section…
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