Leadership Is A Rare Quality

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Leadership is a rare quality. Few people own such quality it. For an organization to do well, good leadership must be exhibited by the top executive. Good leadership does not just entail the success of the organization in terms of better profits. Instead, it implies a thorough analysis of every possible part of the organization to ensure all organization’s activities ranging from finance to corporate social responsibility are pursued well in the long term (DuBrin, 2014). Good leadership also implies being able to make sound decision making that gets the company out of trouble in a difficult situation. Leadership scholars rightly say that a good manager must be a good leader.
Companies that have such kind of leadership post favorable results with regards to customer attraction and subsequently high profits over an extended period of time and hence keep both its shareholders and stakeholders pleased. These companies are recognized globally, and that brings to the table the topic of fortune 500 companies. Every year, the Fortune magazine gathers a list of the 500 best performing companies globally based on their success on different fronts such as finance and market share among others (Fortune, 2015). In the business world, it is widely considered a success for any company to appear on that famous magazine’s list. Thus, the company that will feature in this paper is Wal-Mart. It appeared first among the Fortune 500 companies owing to its excellent achievements in the past
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