Leadership Is A Shared Responsibility Of All Nurses

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Leadership in Practice Leadership is a shared responsibility of all nurses, regardless of job title, experience level, or area of practice. A strong nursing leader is an individual who thinks critically to evaluate their care, implements evidenced-based practice, advocates for their patients, practices within their full scope, and works to improve their skills throughout their career (Canadian Nurses ' Association, 2009). According to the Canadian Nurses ' Association 's position statement on nursing leadership (2009), it is vital that the "development of nursing leaders … begin at the onset of every nursing education program and continue throughout the career of every nurse" (p. 1). Although student and graduate nurses are in a position of learning, discovery, and development, they still have the potential to be strong leaders within their practice environment.
As a fourth year nursing student, I believe I possess several qualities that will allow me to be an effective role model when I begin my practice. Two of these qualities, being willing to learn, and taking initiative, will be discussed in more detail throughout this paper. In addition to this, I will explain how these qualities promote a productive work environment, and how they will shape my individual practice.
Willingness to Learn The first way I display leadership, is in my passion for knowledge, and dedication to lifelong learning. According to the Registered Nurses ' Association of Ontario (RNAO, 2013), a
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