Leadership Is A Successful Leader

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Leadership is a process whereby an individual influences a group of individuals to achieve a common goal (Northouse, 2013, p. 5). Professionals often argue whether a person is a born leader or if they develop into a leader. The premise of these questions is to determine what qualities an effective leader possesses, uses and implements when guiding others. This is an argument that will never end because there are some leaders who will develop and there are some that are just born with the intangibles that are needed to become a successful leader.
Leadership in the educational setting is one of the most difficult places to become successful. The reason for this is that followers are always challenging the leadership in order to get what they want. Often disregarding what is best for the stakeholders of the school site. However, those who are successful embrace the challenges that are brought upon them to provide the best educational setting for student when making decisions that will affect the school’s status quo. Many often feel that leadership is about power: power to create change, power to make people complete a task or the power to make people follow your lead. Leadership is not about the power that a position grants a person, but in the collaborative work that produces the desired outcome from a goal that a leader has helped develop. Four leadership styles or theories that an educational leader should develop are, those that would benefit all stakeholders:
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