Leadership Is An Art And A Science Due To The Intuitive

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Leadership is an art and a science due to the intuitive adoption and scientific study of leadership. The science of leadership provides a better understanding and increases leadership abilities. Self-assessments that measure intelligence type, style of conflict, problem-solving style, and leadership style promote self-awareness, thus providing a means for self-improvement. Meanwhile, personal experiences are the art of leadership, were one learns leadership behavior based on behavioral and cognitive feedback. Additionally, personal relationships shape the way one defines leadership and how leaders behave stereotypically. An action plan provides a way to improve leadership abilities by identifying weaknesses and methods for improvement. The…show more content…
The styles of conflict assessment gauge my patterns of dealing with differing personalities and agendas. The assessment shows that I lean toward an accommodation style. According to Bethel University (2011), the accommodation style is high in cooperativeness and low on assertiveness. The advantage of the accommodation style is the focus on the needs and concerns of other people. When I disagree with someone, I try to see the world from his or her perspective. For example, I tend to have a liberal view toward politics; however, I find that I reach conclusions on things the same way conservative people reach conclusions, which is dictated by prior beliefs and personal circumstances. In other words, I relate to their decisions even though I disagree. However, there are disadvantages to the accommodative style. The accommodative style smooths over differences and allows the conflict to remain. The primary contributor to the unresolved situation is the low amount of assertiveness (Bethel University, 2011). The problem-solving style assessment determines my strength within the problem solving cycle. While problem solving involves experiences, reflection, theories, and action, my dominate style is building theories (Bethel University, 2011). The theory stage remains between reflection and taking action. The advantage of being able to create and understand theories is determining what the facts mean in relation to the environment. For
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