Leadership Is Creating An Inspiring Vision

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1. Leadership is creating an inspiring vision of the future, motivating and inspiring people to engage with that vision, managing the delivery of the vision, and coaching and building a team, so that it is more effective. The vision provides directions and sets priorities, this way you can tell what you’ve achieved and what you wanted to achieve. A leader must motivate and inspire people in order to deliver the vision. Without the followers motivation they will not put fourth the effort to complete the vision. Leaders must manage of the vision is getting delivered, this means they have to correctly assign tasks for the members to complete. Leaders must coach the members to create a team. Creating a team will make the members feel a sense of belonging. What is Leadership? (n.d.). Retrieved October 21, 2015. 2. My strongest characteristics/ qualities/ competencies/ styles as a leader are the ability to manage due dates of projects, being able to bring a group together, like coaching, to create a team, managing the project by assigning task to members in order to complete, the ability to stay level headed in most situations even when I don’t agree. I have served as a leader in a couple different ways. One way is as a project management intern. As a project manager I was the leader of the project. It was my job to make sure the project was getting completed on time; also I had to make sure I had the right people assigned for the task of the project. As a leader of a

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