Leadership Is Crucial Make Or Break Issue For Feminism

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In this case, the Leadership process is aimed to understand how women used leadership as a goal to achieve their means. There is a general agreement on the idea that women have more obstacles to become leaders . The Liberian case is an example of how this paradigm could be shifted though gender solidarity and strong mutuality in this specific cultural context. These women managed to understand their strength and their interests. Understanding the principles of the feminist leadership will be attempted.
Firstly, it is important to comprehend the difference existing between the “feminine leadership” and the “feminist leadership”. The attributes of the “feminine leadership” type include the general assumptions affiliated to the accepted gendered roles of women , women are supposed to be caring, sensitive, cooperative and inclusive . Despite that, researches believe that “leadership is crucial make or break issue for feminism” .
Defining feminist leadership is challenging, first of all, homogenizing the feminist discourse is quite inconceivable and many studies remain oriented towards western societies. However, many scholars agree on several points. Feminist leadership is driven by feminist ideologies where leaders are motivated by fairness, justice, equity and willing to bring oppressed and marginalized voices in the heart of the conversation . Moreover, feminist leaders tend to support social, political and economic questions. The issue of gender equality is a high

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