Leadership Is Important For A New Life

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According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, to lead means, “to guide on a way.” This is the definition that is most closely related to the way that I personally picture leadership. Without leadership, the world would not be where it is today. In every monumental change that has occurred, someone decided to step up and lead the way. Without leadership, nothing can be done efficiently. One example of leadership is when residents of England decided to leave their homeland for a new life in North America in the 17th century. While many people agreed that they wanted to leave, someone had to step up and make it happen. They were the leaders. Without leaders, everyone would have a different plan. They may not have landed in the right place, …show more content…

As you can see from my high school and college resumes, I was and still am very involved. I was rather shy at the beginning of my high school career. I slowly stepped up my involvement and started running for club positions. Eventually becoming an officer in various activities. While I was not elected as high school Student Body President, I did run for the position. I made posters, talked to classmates, and was very eager to assume the role. I was ready and confident enough in my ability to take on an immensely extensive role. I lost the race by a very close margin, but still stayed involved and took on different tasks when needed and was named Ms. EHS by my graduating class. When I chose to attend Oklahoma State University, I knew no one who would be attending school with me. Being from Kansas, this was a huge leap of faith. But I loved and felt so comfortable at OSU that I was willing to take that leap. I have made many new friends and I am proud of the young woman I am becoming. Even with the difficulty of moving out of state and not having friends or family close by, I continued to become involved and took various leadership positions at OSU. My first year of college was about finding where I fit. I plan on continuing with the groups I enjoyed and will continue to be involved by taking on a greater role in them. While I believe my leadership skills are already quite remarkable for someone my age, I do know that there is work to be done.

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