Leadership Is Important When Conducting A Organization, Program, Or Event

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Leadership is important when conducting a organization, program, or event. There are many changes in educational organizations. The article talks about how educational organizations can adjust to change and what it takes to implement change. Change is always good especially with the changes of time. Technology is way more advance in the millieum era then it was in the 1990’s so changing educational organizations should arrange with the advancement of the era. Educational organizations that are behind with advancement could possibly fail and not succeed with a lack of participants. According to Martincic “They are incited by a number of factors: technological advancement, changed expectations and needs of the clients, change market conditions, changing of legistration, changed social values etc. (p.g 1). The article also goes into detail about being able to come together and take intination in developing a plan to create change.
When individuals want to implement change they have to develop not only a plan but also have resources and a committee or team. Therefore more then one idea or suggestion will make the plan worthwhile of pursuing. Individuals who would want change also have to reach out to stakeholders and politicians. Politicans are on the forefront of reaching a lot of people. As said by Martincic (2015), “Much more interesting for the long term efficiency of an organization is the change that orginates from the organization itself as premediated, planned
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