Leadership Is Intangible, And Therefore No Weapon Ever Designed Can Replace It

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As an Air Force ROTC cadet, I am required to learn a number of quotes during my training. One from General Omar Bradley connects to what I have learned as a student in Exploring Strengths: “Leadership is intangible, and therefore no weapon ever designed can replace it.” Although my strengths are intangible, gaining an understanding of what they are and how I can develop them not only gives me a weapon against mediocrity, this knowledge of my strengths will assist me in becoming the kind of officer, leader and person I want to be. My first strength is Relator. Relators want to make connections on a deep level with people. This strength values the intimacy of relationships. It allows you to draw strength from being around your close friends and family. This past July, my Relator strength was very valuable to me as I went to Air Force ROTC Field Training, which is essentially the officer equivalent of basic training. During this difficult 24 day experience, my Relator strength helped me form strong bonds with my entire flight of seventeen cadets within the first few days. My second strength is Harmony. This strength focuses on keeping people out of arguments so that the whole group can work more successfully. Part of this strength is also having the patience and flexibility to change your goals if arguing about them will damage the effectiveness of the group. Those with the strength of Harmony are able to find what brings people together and use it effectively. I was

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