Leadership Is It An Art Or A Science? Essay

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Leadership, is it an art or a science? Perhaps leadership is best described as a conglomeration of knowledge, experience, and personal attributes that can be used to influence others (Bethel, 2011). While some people obviously possess characteristics commonly associated with strong leaders, not all is lost. Leadership is ever evolving and many aspects of effective leadership can be gained through experience and education. Leadership is a complex product that is a fundamental part of organizational triumph.
Leader/Follower Relationships Even when an individual is not in a role of management or leadership, which does not limit the effect of power and influence on the personal development of the followers. Understanding power through a followership role can improve one’s perception of this essential part of success. Consequently, one may actually learn ways to be an effective manager through interactions with direct managers. The approach of other leaders also has a profound influence on perception and application of leadership concepts.
Leadership is not possible without the interaction and presence of followers (Bethel, 2011). Therefore, followership is a necessary fact of leadership. Involvement of followers aids in the determination and development of leadership roles. Active followers facilitate healthy leadership roles and enhance the group experience. Just as followership effects leadership, situational details also effect leadership. Effective
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