Leadership Is Not A One Side Approach

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Leadership is not a one side approach. One will be able to guide its team for challenging situations when the different leadership styles are known. There are three known leadership styles that can be used to become a more effective leader: autocratic leaders, democratic leaders, lalssez-faire leaders. However, one’s personal approach can be a blend of these, depending on one’s preferences, the needs of your people and the present situation. Also when the leadership framework is understood, one can easily develop own approach and become an effective leader. The autocratic leader basically makes most of their decisions without consulting any members of their team in the decision-making process and this encourages creativity.They know the exact thing they want done, who is to do each task, and when it should be done. They make their expectations very obvious and seem to do well in small organizations with usually untrained employees. Laissez-faire/delegative leader gives their team a lot of freedom in regards to doing their work and setting their deadlines. They equally provide support for the team members with resources and advice.They posses the qualities of trust and confidence which are the hallmarks of this style of leadership. However, this style is common and works well with the educated and experienced workforce system, especially those working to become future leaders. On the other hand, the democratic style encourages both employees and stalkholders to be…
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