Leadership Is Not About Titles, Positions Or Flowcharts

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John Maxwell’ quote, “Leadership is not about titles, positions or flowcharts. It is about one life influencing another,” encourages me to become a school leader who can inspire, empower, and help the staff be committed to the school mission, school students and school community. I want to be the leader that is the pillar of the community who supports and develops young minds; I want to be the enthusiastic explorer who is making the way through the wilderness for others to follow; I want to be the general who inspires through passion and leads the troops to victory - a leader that establishes visions and goals, crafts new things for the prosperity of others, motivates others to be a part of that vision, and goes far beyond expectations. The school principal, as the instructional leader, has an important obligation to create a shared understanding and commitment to the school mission. I believe a leader has to be a competent, trustworthy, collaborative, enthusiastic visionary who implements change and is embraced by his/her followers. A “born leader” is a description often attributed to an individual who excels in leading or working effectively with others (….) However, the more knowledge I acquire in the field of leadership, the more I learn that leadership is not something that is innate and inborn, although it comes easier to some than others. Nor is leadership a product of personality. I see leadership as a competence that arises from the effective use of a specific set
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