Leadership Is Not Just About Leading Or Being A Boss

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My leadership philosophy has changed throughout the years. I believe that leadership is not just about leading or being a “boss” (having a title). Leadership is about knowing when to lead and when to follow as well as being able to listen to others and their opinions or different points of view. Being able to look at situations and things in different ways is an important factor because having an open mind will help make a difference and solve problems in many ways. It will also allow leaders to acknowledge all the members and their different ways of contributing their inputs. Leadership is executed in different ways and has a different meaning to different people, but as of now I consider myself a servant leader. I believe that leadership…show more content…
My parents and their support had shaped my values and attending the Mount has enhanced them because my parents share the same beliefs as the people here. I don’t think anything or anyone had influenced me in a negative way this year. My support system this year has been very helpful and they have encouraged me to do my best. As I’ve said before, in this point of my life I consider myself a servant leader. Being involved in school events, clubs, and working in the Women’s Leadership and Student Involvement office has contributed to my leadership skills and how I executed them. I have learned about my strengthens in my experience of being a Leadership Scholar. During this experience, I’ve met new people that I’ve gotten close to. In class, I have learned the different ways to lead and the strengthens and qualities that others might have. Also, having members in the community that possess different qualities could enhance the community and help achieve our common interest. I’ve also learned about myself. I learned that I can accomplish anything I set myself to do. Also, I now know that I can step out of my comfort zone and be confident about it. Servant-Leadership has guided me through my practice of a leader. Because I like to serve others, I have joined clubs and events that make a difference for others. Being involved has given me opportunities in which I can develop my leadership potential. Also, being involved has helped me to meet new people that
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