Leadership Is Something That Should Be Paid

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I believe that leadership is something that should be earned. Whoever is the most qualified and passionate should be the person who leads, not the most popular. I believe that having integrity and expecting it at all times from your team is the best way to operate. I believe that leaders cannot always be the “good guys” in every situation. I believe that it is important to find people who will help you most achieve your goal, but ones who are loyal, passionate, and want to grow personally. Mutual respect in any situation will allow for people to speak their minds, even if it is difficult. I want to help my team members find their passions and help them succeed outside of our organization. I believe that leadership is about encouraging others to buy into your values, and cheering them on when they gain recognition for their work. Being a leader was never something that I had to think about. I knew that leaders existed and that they were important to how businesses and companies ran their operations, but other than that I never consciously decided that I was going to be a leader when I was younger. As I grew up and found myself getting more involved with my community, I realized that I was acting like a leader even though I didn’t feel like I was acting any different than my normal self. My demeanor, leadership learning moments, and mentors all helped me to find my “leadership voice”, and it has allowed me to grow into who I am as a leader. My parents have had
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