Leadership Is The Act Of Motivating And Guiding

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Leadership is the act of motivating and guiding; facilitating it can gain the help and support of a group in order to achieve a particular objective. Dr. Kumar at the University of Delhi generalized a rather good definition, “leadership is a dynamic process in which an individual behaves in a certain manner, thereby influencing others to follow” (9). Leaders have the means to drive any willing organization and make it successful. Willing is included because leadership seeks to eliminate unease and help the group visualize objectives and begin working fluently towards that initiative. Good leadership can envision and empower a group focusing it to overcome and prosper. Good guidance can turn underachievers into all-stars or take the misdirected group of all-stars and focus them into a team of superstars. They strive to eliminate the value of titles and work to include everyone, promoting the entire group to higher levels. Leaders serve as anchors for the group and will demonstrate noticeable traits. They keep their followers steady and strong even against the toughest opposition. Leaders serve a pivotal role in all atmospheres and understand the firmness that this authority demands. They remain objective hoping to completely understand any situation and gain all available knowledge to fully judge its influence on the group. Leaders will be accountable for not only themselves, but their supporters and followers as well. They are compassionate and treat others with respect.
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