Leadership Is The Art And Science Of Taking Individuals And Communities For A New And Better Place Essay

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Leadership is the art and science of taking individuals and communities to a new and better place (McCloskey, 2015). Effective leadership can come in many forms and there is no one right leadership style rather one needs to choose the style that is appropriate in context. With transformational leadership the leader creates and provides a vision and inspires followers to achieve the goals that flow from that vision, exhibiting enthusiasm and optimism (Gaudine & Lamb 2015). Transformational leaders can help followers clearly see the vision of a safer more effective health care environment by reducing nursing fatigue that they embrace the values and move themselves and willingness to exert extra effort towards the vision (McCloskey, 2015). A leader can use a number of change theories to implement change. Kotter’s eight-stage change process is a leading model to implement departmental and organizational-wide changes in health care organizations (Gaudine & Lamb, 2015). Nursing Fatigue is a subjective feeling that creates an exhaustion that interferes with a nurses cognitive and physical capabilities (CNA & RNAO, 2010). It is influenced by psychological, physiological, behavioral and environmental factors including work stress, increased workload, understaffing, patient and family expectations, unexpected emergencies and a disorganized workplace (CNA & RNAO, 2010). The well-known fact that nursing fatigue creates many health care issues and the sought out vision of an improved
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