Leadership Is The Art Of Influencing And Guiding

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Leadership is the art of influencing and guiding followers to achieve common goals that contribute to organizational success (Marki & Scandura, 2010). Though leadership relates to the influence and guidance of employees in a general sense, past research has identified different types of leadership styles that can contribute to organizational development in different ways (Hirtz, Murray, & Riordan, 2007). Most notably, transactional and transformational leadership, which are based on work by Weber (1947) and Burns (1978), represent two styles that have been studied extensively in the literature.
Five core practices that identified in common when leaders are at the personal best benefit me through practical work from time to time. They are Model the way, Inspire a Shared Vision, Challenge the Process, Enable Others to Act, and last but not least, encourage the Heart.
First of all, the leaders can model the way. In fact, people are following what leader guided or principles established by the leaders, who also create goals and standards to encourage followers to achieve and improve themselves at the same time. To be good leaders, they have ultimate long-time goals and share the values by setting up short-time goals based on the current situation. As the fundamental stone of leadership, "Model the way” is critical for the leaders to live with. For example, most companies build balanced scorecard to achieve certain goals. Actually, it’s very easy for coworkers be affected by…
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