Leadership Is The Biggest Driver Of Any Type Of Change

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Introduction Dynamic leadership is one of the prerequisites for the success of any organization. A good leader not only sets an example for others to follow, but also inspires courage and confidence in their minds. Powerful leadership generates trust and respect in the minds of its followers and leads them to fulfill the ultimate objective of any organization. In the context of business organization, the ideals, like leadership, unearth the true potential of a candidate. Leadership does not necessarily come from a higher rank or a superior position; it is inherent to the personality of an individual and flourishes under extreme situations (Tracy, 2014). Also, leadership is the biggest driver of any type of change. Without the guidance of a passionate leadership, it is difficult for an organization to undergo any transformation. Leadership combines the various parts of an organization into one unit and paves the way for success. Company Overview The organization that has been taken up for analysis is Woolworth Limited. This Australian retail giant is the largest retailer in Australia by market capitalization. Starting from food supplies and liquor, the business of the company extends into the hotel and hospitality sector and also poker gaming industry in Australia. With a history of almost 90 years into its existence, the company stands as one of the largest retailer in the world. The Woolworths limited is the parent holding company, with its subsidiaries operating in
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