Leadership Is The Capacity Of Leadership

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Warren Bennis once said, “leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality”, but in what way do leaders manage to accomplish this? Leaders are people who use a variety of methods to influence or be of influence to others. They are considered to be the visionaries and decisions makers that help sustain economic growth and promote growth in our society . The key to successful leadership is not through authority but by the use of influence. The most common way leaders influence others is through a mutual cause. Leaders and followers are drawn together by a common goal because it is only through their talents combined that they can achieve success. Another way leaders can influence others is by using consensus. Consensus allows…show more content…
Still Malala stood by her conviction and protested against this injustice. People who heard about her stance against the Taliban were inspired by her moving performance. It was through her spark of inspiration that ignited others to follow her lead. After her miraculous recovery from the bullet wounds Malala wasted no time in beginning her global journey to spread education awareness. Now people from all around the world including prime ministers, actors, and even other leaders gather together to listen to her speeches and her vision for change. Some of her followers have become leaders themselves, and have even started educational organizations of their own. Through their efforts combined, Malala and her followers were able to give to create opportunities for children of unfortunate situations to receive better education and have a brighter future. Malala’s hard work,determination, and influence has made a positive impact on society and on the lives of many others. As a result leaders influence people with a common goal or belief so that together they can work to achieve success. Another method leaders use to influence others is by using consensus. Even though this often takes a long time it resolves disputes in a positive and fair way. It allows for everyone’s opinion is taken into careful consideration and put into the final resolution. Consensus is important for successful management and leadership because it allows for cooperation, participation and even
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