Leadership Is The Greatest Tool Society

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Perhaps of all the great gifts that the study of history offers to the world, the power to look through the past to identify humanity’s greatest achievements and shortcomings are the most useful. Looking through primary and secondary documents to determine why and how society reached certain points is integral to figuring out what is to come. From humanitarians to scientists, history is the greatest tool society possesses. It supports humanity’s ambition to solve the problems of today and prepare to combat the potential problems of tomorrow. To truly understand how society grew to where it is today, leadership must be examined under a microscope. True leaders not only have noteworthy influence over what happens in their own time period, but also the world beyond their own existence. Leadership, if implemented appropriately, has the power to transcend the physical and march on with time. If this notion holds true, then one can argue that if leaders were only vessels for leadership then society would be mistaken to judge leadership on the merits of the morality of any leader. If the past is a puzzle that helps illuminate the future, then it is the obligation of humanity to look to put the pieces together. While looking to identify great leadership, it is important to sort out what leaders were better than the others. This research paper aims to engage in critically comparing two leaders, Christopher Columbus and Donna Beatriz Kimpa Vita, to determine which of the two was the
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