Leadership Is The Humble, Authentic Expression Of Your Unique Personality

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"Leadership is the ability to not only understand and utilize your innate talents, but to also effectively leverage the natural strengths of your team to accomplish the mission. There is no one-size fits all approach, answer key or formula to leadership. Leadership should be the humble, authentic expression of your unique personality in pursuit of bettering whatever environment you are in." – Katie Christy, founder, Activate Your Talent.

Before taking this course I thought I knew everything it took to be an effective and successful leader. Some of the things I thought and did were, I tried to help my team before myself, I coached when needed, and I also gave good feedback either negative or positive to each team member. I ran a very
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This is a huge aspect to understanding people and why they act the way they do. By understanding each quadrant and which one each person fits into you can determine what motivates them, what upsets them, and how to lead a conversation.

• A Q1 person is very domineering and they tend to be insensitive towards other people. This behavior is when a person thinks they are right all the time. They believe that you are typically lazy if you don’t like their ideas. They are very abrasive and demeans other people regularly. When a person exudes this type of behavior they usually get a Q2 or Q3 reaction from the other person.

• A Q2 person is very reluctant and unresponsive. They tend to be pessimistic and critical of new ideas. A Q2 needs to feel secure in their job position. Some of the intangible benefits a Q2 would want is reassurance that they still have a job or that nothing will be changing with their job. A Q2 will get other people to show signs of Q1 or Q2 depending on the person.

• A Q3 is similar to a Q2 but they are more social. They tend to be more easy going and passive. Something a Q3 hates is conflict so they try and avoid it at all costs. They will agree to your face just so they don’t have to deal with any negativity. These type of people want everyone to be friends and always happy. They will smooth over any type of disagreement and won’t make many demands of other people. A Q3 will get other
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