Leadership Is The Only Thing That Matters

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In this essay I will be discussing the statement that all that matters in the world of business is leadership. I will be discussing the different roles a leader has in a business and how they directly and indirectly influence their business. I will also be discussing the different types of leader techniques there are and which methods work the best. I will be balancing out the essay by finding evidence that opposes the statement that leadership is the only thing that matters. Leadership within a business is undoubtedly one of if not the most important part of the business. The leader will be held accountable for the majority of the decisions that affect the company. Whether it is the day to day running of the business or more extreme …show more content…
For example referring to the trait theory, it is plausible to argue that to become a good leader they will need to have the same traits or characteristics as their employees will have. This will enable the leader to develop a stronger relationship with his employees and empathise with them. The trait theory can entwine with the behavioural theory, as explained if they are able to develop the same traits it could allow the decision making process to become more natural and not so much of a burden to the company. I think that these two theories are into what would make a good leader and potentially the most important part of any business. Another reason why these theories can demonstrate that leadership is the most important part of a business is the contingency theory. This theory demonstrates what makes a good leader and how there are different types of people that can make a good leader. As we are all aware. There many different types of business and different type of people in this world. This means that if you are if the business is a cut throat high end business then you will probably need a different type of leader then in a local market stall. Even though there is no
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