Leadership Is The Only Thing That Matters

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In this essay I will be discussing the statement that all that matters in the world of business is leadership. I will be discussing the different roles a leader has in a business and how they directly and indirectly influence their business. I will also be discussing the different types of leader techniques there are and which methods work the best. I will be balancing out the essay by finding evidence that opposes the statement that leadership is the only thing that matters. Leadership within a business is undoubtedly one of if not the most important part of the business. The leader will be held accountable for the majority of the decisions that affect the company. Whether it is the day to day running of the business or more extreme situations that only leaders have to deal with, for example only leaders will have to make tough decisions such as the hiring and firing of employees. Even though the rewards of being so high in a company cannot be understated, this essay will show the harsher side of the leadership role and how much it truly matters to the business. In the world of business there are four core theory groups into what you can describe leadership in business. These four groups are:
“1. Trait Theories – What Type of Person Makes a Good Leader?
Trait theories argue that effective leaders share a number of common personality characteristics, or "traits."
2. Behavioural Theories – What Does a Good Leader Do?
Behavioural theories focus on how leaders behave. For…
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