Leadership Is The Process Of Influencing Others For Achieve Group Organizational Goals

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What is leadership? Leadership is the process of influencing others to achieve group organizational goals. Leaders traits are drive, the desire to lead, honesty/integrity, self-confidence, emotional stability, cognitive ability, and knowledge of the business. There are many leadership styles but the most common are participative, authoritarian, laissez-faire, transformational, and servant. Participative, also known as democratic leadership, focuses on gathering opinions from all employees in order to make a decision that reflects the majority’s opinion and desires. While the leader offers guidance and support, the decisions are primarily consensual among all involved, and the leader makes final decisions based on the majority’s vote. Authoritative leaders inform employees of a common vision and goal for the company and detail employee responsibilities designed to make reaching that goal a reality. There is a clear division between employees and the employer, and the employees are clear on the desired result. They are often given guidelines but allowed to fulfill their obligations as they see fit. Laissez-Faire, which means “let it be,” in French, this method involves leaders delegating decision-making and tasks. They keep up-to-date of what is occurring in the company and are available when advice and input are needed, but take a hands-off approach and let the employees work on their own. The transformational leadership style focuses on the leader that actively communicates…
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