“Leadership Is the Most Important Factor in Managing Change” Analytically Assess This Statement

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Leadership Course 20Twenty, Construction “Leadership is the most important factor in Managing change” Analytically assess this statement By Thomas Atkin Student number: 02000314 To analytically assess the statement that leadership is the most important factor in managing change, it must first be clarified what is understood by the different terms being used. In this essay I will look firstly at what leadership actually means, then at what constitutes good leadership; I will consider why change may be needed, and what other factors might be at play in influencing change; and finally I shall look at…show more content…
Richard Branson looks at leadership from another angle and distinguishes between real and apparent leadership. His approach sees a leader as someone who can think on his/her feet without being restrained by structure or boundaries. Leadership is about understanding a business and seeing what direction is needs to take, then setting targets for where change is required. Richard Branson (p253) is seen as an entrepreneur who leads from the front - not always following a plan but all the time encouraging others to put forward ideas and to develop their own thoughts. Etzion (Pamela S. Tolbert 2009 p91) in 1985 also stated that a leader’s personal qualities could make change by influencing others. Leadership that engages with people and understands its employees’ qualities can help those individuals see how to further develop their own strengths, which at the same time will be of as benefit in their work place. A leader can be a role model for others, even a father figure, and as such a positive influence in other people’s lives, even though as a leader hard choices sometimes have to be made that will not suit all. Merndle, Ehrlich and Dukeric, 1985, believe it is important that a leader should be able to identify people’s abilities and highlight their potential; that unless a leader understands and knows the people with whom s/he is

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