Leadership : Leadership And Leadership

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Leadership Reflection
A classmate once told me, “You are always one bad manager away from hating your job,” and that really stuck with me. In a leadership role you affect others around you and influence their happiness, more than you realize. That is why it is important to develop strong leadership skills in order to be a successful leader. I have solicited help from family, friends and colleagues (former and current) to identify my leadership skills. I will summarize their feedback, analyze these results and then reflect on what these leadership qualities mean to me. In order to improve my leadership skills, I will offer recommendations on areas where I could use improvement. Summary of Methods
I was a little nervous to ask my friends, family and co-workers about my leadership skills. I have never been in a formal, paid leadership role so I was not certain what to expect. I thought people may praise me on my communication skills and hard-working nature. When it came time, I solicited feedback on my leadership skills from 15 people and got responses from
13. I asked a few friends, mostly from college, a few fellow and current co-workers or bosses, and a couple of family members. I would say that I am close with about 50 percent of the people who I asked. I’ve know some of the people from as little as five or six months, but others for years or my entire life (family). One person who I asked was stressed over it since we do not know each other
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