Leadership : Leadership And Leadership Essay

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We live in a society or state. We can’t live alone. So we live together. We cannot go ahead without a leader or leadership. A leader can lead a society to achieve its goal. So leadership is very for our society. Leadership lead general people and maintain rules and regulation. In the modern age we can’t imagine our society without leadership. It is a important need of a society.
WHAT IS LEADERSHIP: Leadership is the scheme that a man can motive other person and able to control them. Leadership means the process of lead by the leader. Leadership influencing workers and motivate to gain its aim. Leader put on the lead and the followers obey the rules and regulation and to help the leader. So we can say that leadership is the scheme that man can motive other person and able to control them to maintain hierarchy. Writers say there definition in different category. That’s below…
Warners : Leadership is a system in a large scale that a leader influence his followers to prove its organizational mission, vision and objects in a process and makes it more cohesive and coherent.
Keith Davis: The scheme of leadership of influencing subordinates in the attainment of the organizational goals in a particular situation.
I THINK IN LEADERSHIP: I think leadership is a important scheme of a society. It makes a society in proper way and motive the social people. The administrative leadership maintain hierarchy so that the superior lead to subordinate and subordinates respect
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