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Leadership can be viewed as many different things whether it be a trait, skill, or something that someone may just be born with. One thing for certain is that whether you have this characteristic or not, we will always need leadership figures. Some people are just followers their whole life and don’t get the chance to be leaders. Leaders come in many different forms, approaches and they all have different styles. I chose a career that can helped me get into a leadership position throughout time, therefore developing my own style by absorbing a combination of traits and approaches.
The Situational Approach best describes me
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I make sure that I apply the principles of the situational approach the right way, so that it effects followers in a positive manner. Trial and error is a big thing because it is one of the best ways of learning. As previously described, I have always been thoroughly evaluating my followers, but I don’t always get it correct the first time when splitting people into groups. Admitting that I made a mistake by choosing to not support someone in the right way or being too highly directive is the biggest way that I influence followers with this approach because it shows to them that I’m not stereotyping or profiling, but assessing everyone and trying to put them in the right place. Influencing others is not always easy and I believe it takes time for you to build yourself to be that credible figure that people can trust. I always do my research about the position that I will be taking on because I believe that knowledge in a field or subject are one of the thing that tie into getting credibility with followers. The fact that I still educate myself also influences others because they can see that I still ask questions and learn new things even though I’m the leader.
Every Leader has their own unique distinguishing traits. I wouldn’t say that there is a perfect leader out there who carries every trait possible, but that is what makes us all
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