Leadership Lessons : You Are Never Done Growing As A Leader Essay

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Leadership Lessons: You Are Never Done Growing as a Leader Every day in the military, we have the opportunity to grow as leaders. Working with people from different backgrounds and life experiences often leads to disagreements and confrontations. Not all disagreements and confrontations are bad though. People often grow more in the difficult times, and when forced to work through difficult situations, than in the good times. When we cannot change a situation, we must look inwards and force ourselves to adapt. The fact is, during a long military career, you will be forced to work with people who have different leadership philosophies than our own. When this happens, there are two options: find a way to work together, or be frustrated your entire time. There are distinct experiences, specifically during my time as a 1SG, that forced me to adapt to a situation, and grow as a leader, and use these lessons to help others grow as well. Lesson 1: Lead to Have Difficult Conversations Most people would consider confrontation, even constructive in nature, an uncomfortable thing to do. Confrontation is not a bad thing when your intention is for the betterment of the person, team, or organization. The more you grow in rank and responsibility, you can expect to be placed in situations where you will have to have the uncomfortable talks with people. No one wants to be the bearer of bad news, tell someone that they are not doing well, or need to change, that is just human

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