Leadership, Management, And Management

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Leadership has an authority power above others that inspire and motivate creating cohesion between then, at the same time solvent problems inside the group making changes in the organisation. Management possesses a title that supports his decisions and works to achieve a goal that the organisation requires. The leadership is moved for inspiration and has more emotional input that managers, for example, when the team fails in any situation the leader give constructive feedback and suggestion to improve the performance, however, management has more cold or passive attitudes following a role towards goals having a less emotional relationship with others. The leaders do not always have a hierarchical position, they appear at all levels of the organisation. Management plans and investigates how to control situations while leaders create motivation around him and give support. Furthermore, managers wait until the problem appears to solvent it and leaders are proactive, sometimes challenging the status quo and the job description while managers follow it. Leaders was born for it; managers are formed for it (Appendix 1). Similarities Leadership and management work with people managing them to meet the goals and mission of the company, working under pressure and succeed in the role. They are charismatics and influence everyone around them increasing people skills set and talent. Both are getting others to follow them and they use the authority making decisions, they
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