Leadership Management Essay

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Successful policy managers have certain characteristics and skills that enable them to carry out their management duties effectively. The best managers should motivate their athletes and come up with viable innovations for the benefit of their team or sport. They should display the futuristic traits in their approach to issues while working with diversified group of athletes. Moreover, the managers should handle the challenges with the team in sober and bold ways. At the same time, the managers should utilize the opportunities that a team encounters in its operations. All in all, the successful managers should embrace the strategies and policies that will make their sport to have a health growth. Further, successful managers should make…show more content…
Different coaches have different tactics and different motivating factors behind their speeches and legacies, each with their own unique take on how to drive a team to success, but the one thing common in all of them is the desire to lead their team to their highest peak, giving them the ability to achieve the most that they can. Without a coach, a team would just be different players, some working to their best ability, others relying on the ability of others. With a good coach, any team can be made into a successful one, provided the players are inspired with the right motivation and dedication, for indeed, it is the mind-set that allows us to achieve our best, not our inherent abilities. Having roles within the team is very important for example team management has a strong emphasis on both tasks and interpersonal skills. It allows the team players to be committed to the team, not driven to duty but wanting to be a part of their duty. Some of the traits that are important here are the ability to make priorities clear, follow through, behave open-minded, and enjoy their job which in the case is play. The role of coaches will not be just limited to tuning the physical skills of the players, but also to provide wholesome development particularly mental and emotional development, so he/she can perform in his/her sport event and fit into the team, if it is a team event. The main role of coaches is observing
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