Leadership Management

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Leadership management We operate in an environment that is rapidly changing, dynamic and complex therefore leaders are quite essential for the success of any organization. The establishment of leadership positions and setting firm expectations for the people who hold those positions is an essential part when it comes to running successful organizations. Leaders are given the task of holding everyone who they are in charge of accountable to their actions and work. Leaders are also supposed to hold themselves accountable hence setting a perfect example of what they are expecting from the team. The paper will look at some leadership examples which are meaningful to me as an individual.it will also look at my leadership skills and preferences as well as some potential challenges and areas of development. Finally it will look at some a strategy of enhancing leadership skills and competencies. Leadership examples There are various leadership examples which exist an example is integrity. For any business operations to be ethical there has to be ethical leaders in place.an example is leaders who exhibit high levels of integrity demonstrate to the other workers what is expected from them. How leaders handle situations that are challenging or conflicts is a good example where they can exhibit strong integrity. Leaders who deal with conflicts directly and in a manner which is transparent prove themselves as being honest and forthright (Page, 2012). Another leadership example is
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