Leadership Management Finances Employee Relationship Mentor

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Leadership Management Finances Employee/er Relationship Mentor 1:2-7 3:1-12 2:1-22 1:20-33 4:1-9 1:8-19 3:21-35 3:13-18 7:1-27 13:1-25 4:10-27 8:1-21 11:4-9 8:22-36 18:1-24 5:1-23 9:1-6 6:1-35 9:7-12 9:13-18 12:1-28 10:1-32 15:1-16:33 14:1-35 17:1-28 20:1-24:34 25:1-31:31 INTRODUCTION When working within a church you always need to know how things need to run. This is called church administration. Church administration is things like leadership, management, and financial. These things are major part of how the church runs. We look through the Bible it talks about all these things are talk about in the Bible. One of the books of the Bible has a lot to say about these aspect of Church administration. This book is Proverbs it gives us some amazing wisdom about these things too. Leadership, management, and financial is just three aspect of church administration. These three we are going to take a little dipper look into it. THREE CHARACTERISTIC OF CHURCH ADMINISTRATION Leadership Leadership is not something new to the church and the member of the church. We see leadership shown in people that we point them over the rest of us. These leaders we give the name pastor most of the time. There can be just one or there can be many that are over different part of the church. Leadership take a lot of time and relationship build put into it. We all love the leaders that we are all under. Now looking through Proverbs there are some things that
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