Leadership Management and Administration in Early Childhood Education

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Running Head: Leadership Management and Administration in Early Childhood Care and Education Settings

Effective Supervision
Lalithambal d/o Tanggaraju
Asian International College

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Part 1
Operating a childcare centre can be a very challenging and rewarding
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For successful implementation of a programme, the supervisor has to look into the diverse backgrounds of the children. According to DAP (2009), “Development and learning occur in and are influenced by multiple social and cultural contexts”. The supervisor has to understand that children’s development requires viewing each child within the sociocultural context of the child’s family, educational setting, community and the society. The contexts are interrelated thus, they all strongly influence how the child develops. Celebrating different festivals together as a centre and talking about different cultural backgrounds during lessons are a good way to include children from various cultural backgrounds.
While implementing a programme, the supervisor might come across children from dysfunctional families. Providing the proper financial assistance to these families is very important. Centre-based Financial Assistance for Childcare (CFAC) can be arranged for children who come from dysfunctional families. This scheme helps eligible families to offset childcare fees of their children every month. The government also gives childcare subsidies to working parents who enrol their children in childcare centres. (MCYS)
Parents of children from dysfunctional families might find these two schemes helpful in providing their children with proper early childhood education. This should be taken care of so that every child has an
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