Leadership Management and Development

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LEADERSHIP MANAGEMENT DEVELOPMENT REVIEW [Student name] [Instructor name] Date THESIS QUESTION: Are organizations likely to find better solutions to information overload through changes to their technical systems or their social systems -- or both? Why? The organizations today are facing the problems related to information over-load that can be effectively handled by bringing changes in organizational social systems. The people in an organization should know what data and information is critical for the organization and which data is unimportant. Hence a social change is expected to solve the problems of information over-load by selecting only that information that can be most supportive and helpful in decision making. WHY SOCIAL SYSTEMS A social system is one where people live or work together. The main subject in the social structure is people and their networks, not machines and technical principles like in technical systems. The organizations benefit the most from its people. Therefore, the fight between more corporations is to acquire the best personnel in the industry since the people skills can alter the way business is conducted. The goals and organizational objectives are also set for and achieved by people and not machines or networks. The information can be processed by computers and printed by printers but the people in the business environment should know how to select only relevant information. There are many components of a social system. A social
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