Leadership, Management and Ethics

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Leadership and Ethical Decision-Making


Phase 1 DB 2

Leadership, Management, and Ethics

Professor Cynthia Roundy


Deborah Lam

May 21, 2012

As the new leader and compliance officer with ECG I want to go over and discuss how a leader and a manager are different, and a definition of what a leader is and what a manager is. This document will also cover the responsibilities and accountabilities are for a leader and how the new leader will impact ECG. A manager is someone who is in leads of a certain group of tasks, or a certain part of a company. They usually have workers who report to them, (Business Dictionary.com, 2012). A leader is someone who influences a group of people
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There are also differences between the two like: management is task-oriented and leadership is more inspirational and visionary. The definitions are different for both; however it is also possible for someone to work effectively in performing both fields, (Ricketts, n.d.). John Kotter stated that leadership is thought of as an old concept which has been around for centuries, and management is a new concept that has only been around the last one-hundred years, and all this change happened during the industrial revolution. The scientific methods can be divided into three approaches which are the trait era, the behavior era, and the contingency era. The trait era was dominant from 1880 to 1940 and it claimed that leaders possessed qualities that pressed them towards leadership roles. The behavior era was dominant from 1940 – 1970 and the benefit of this era or the trait era is that behaviors could be observed, measured and taught. These first two eras were similar. The contingency era started in 1960 and continues still today, (Leadership, and Ethical Decision-Making, 2012). Leadership and management overlap each other; when managers influence their employees to meet their goals, they are doing this under leadership. When leaders are involved in planning, organizing, staffing, or controlling they are doing this within management: even though there are differences between leadership and management, they may never be completely
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