Leadership Models : The Transformational Leadership Model

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There are a plethora of leadership models to choose from, however, not all leadership model are able to transcend cultures ethically. Organizations seeking to globalize and diversify must choose a leadership model that is equipped to hand such challenges. The cultural style impacts the leadership model, styles and traits, ethical leadership models are tools for shaping organizational culture while honoring the diversity of the social cultures represented by employees. The transformational leadership model is equipped to handle these challenges. Cultural Style Leadership Impact Culture is shaped by beliefs, ideas, history, religion, and traditions that give each culture its distinctions. Leaders must take culture into account as they lead an organization. Eastern cultures place power and authority high creating a respectful gap between leadership and employees, while western cultures take a more democratic approach building relationship and influence with employees (Hamedoğlu, Kantor, and Gülay, 2012). Leaders must understand the culture surroundings and engage employees using those cultural values in conjunction with values of the organization. Values of an organization will often transcend over cultures, leaders must find a way to engage the values of the organization in a way that fits within the current culture (Staebler Tardino, 2012). The environment within an organization will be a determining factor in a more diverse organization. In a recent study of mangers
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