Leadership : Napoleon Bonaparte, A Greatest Military Leader

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Napoleon Napoleon Bonaparte was a tremendous military leader. He was also an emperor who took over much of Europe in the early 1800s. Napoleon had humble beginnings, but his strategic skill, leadership abilities and his natural charisma were key to his success in the military and political realms. Napoleon was born on an island called Corsica, which is west of Italy. He had 8 surviving siblings, including him (he was the second of the eight). He later moved to France, attended school there and learned the French language. In 1785, he graduated from a French military academy. Napoleon started considerably low in the ranking of military, but quickly rose towards the top. Napoleon fought in the French Revolution, but he was on leave from the military when the revolution began. He was at home in Corsica and there he got involved with the Jacobins, a radical political group formed after the French Revolution. Napoleon gained political control of France in 1799 as a result of the coup d’état. He crowned himself as emperor in 1804. Napoleon was a, “shrewd, ambitious and a skilled military strategist.” (history.com) He was highly successful in dominating his opponents and was able to expand his empire drastically. Napoleon was great at strategy, a knowledgeable leader and he had incredible charisma. Napoleon’s excellent strategic skills were apparent every time there was a military battle or war. Napoleon was able to think of all possible options and outcomes of it. Napoleon

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