Leadership Of A 21st Century Business Leader

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TITLE: Developing leadership at Evada Constructions
Author: Gregory Bignall
Student number: A001427700
Subject: Leadership
AQF Level: MBA

Assignment topic
Using relevant theories and models critically evaluate and analyse the leadership of a 21st century business leader. If you were in the position of the leader, what could you do to be a better leader and make a stronger impact on the followers and the situation/s?
Word count
2527 words
Executive summary
The paper explores the leadership of a relatively new business owner and provides a strategy for development. A background of the leader and his organisation is given along with a description of individual team members and situations. Our approach is based on assessment of critical factors involved in the leadership process along with consultation including the leader himself. An evaluation of the leader is conducted using relevant theories and models to identify mental preferences and behavioural traits.
Using acquired knowledge we found that redirecting the focus of the leader to address certain factors hindering his performance was critical in achieving both personal and organisational success. The A-O-R Model reflected in the spiral of experience is then introduced as the structure to provide the basis for continuous improvement.


1. Introduction 3
2. The leader and organisation 3
3. The followers and the situation/s 5
4. Leader Development 6
5. Conclusion 8
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