Leadership Of An Organization And Making Decision

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When managing an organization and making decision, it is important to develop leadership skills. Leadership is multi-faceted and there are many different approaches that are used in leadership. What is leadership? Leadership is the ability to influence a group toward the achievement of a vision or a set of goals. (Robbins & Judge p. 385) Leaders are those who have the influence to motivate people to take a vision and put it into action. Often, people in management have assumed positions of leadership, meaning because of the nature of their position, they will have to make leadership decisions and influence those they lead toward a goal or vision. Problem Statement Although someone in a management position may have to assume a leadership role, it does not mean that this person is automatically fit to lead. Just because an organization provides its managers with certain formal rights is not assurance that they will be able to lead effectively. (Robbins & Judge p. 12) Sometimes, leaders emerge from a group without having a formal title or position. With the need for organizations to have not only strong management but strong leadership, it is important to fit the leader’s leadership style to the situation. Finding the right leader for the position is not the only concern however. It is also important to have leaders who are ethical and that can be trusted. Unfortunately, making sure leaders act with proper ethical values is largely overlooked Fielder Model of Leadership One
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