Leadership Of The Early Childhood Sector

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Leadership is such a habitual word but hard to expound, the exposition to one person is inconsistent to another. So what is leadership? Waniganayake, Cheeseman, Fenech, Hadley & Shepherd (2012, p. 11) elude that leadership has many aspects and different elements that come together and change over time. They propose “the person, the place and the position” (2012, p 12) are connected and all work together when enacting leadership. Each facet of the person, the place and the position hold a different value in individual settings and therefore each situation is different. If we contrived to define a declaration in might say: The concept of leadership is the ability to manage, lead, direct, give support and to work towards achieving a shared vision. Leadership, specifically in the early childhood sector can be seen as the individual that manages the day to day processes, however, other individuals within the centre can become leaders in supplementary aspects. Individuals that strive to advance and assist others in a variety of areas can be seen as leaders themselves, leadership is not necessary defined by a held position. Leadership is an ambiguous term open to interpretation and comprised of a variety of individual perceptions, with this, a person in a leadership role brings their own interpretation, experiences and personal influences with them. This leads to a diverse range of leadership styles based on these combining characteristics because the leadership style an
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