Leadership Of The Public Sector

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In modern IT market, leadership plays a vital role. However, everyone feels they know leadership, and everyone can talk about it in detail. Although, leadership is a complicated set of processes that is difficult to perform effectively. Furthermore, there are few different models of leadership which suit various sectors.
Therefore, to be able to perform leadership coherently in organizations for hiring, development, promotion and assessment, it is essential to make fundamental distinctions and expose assumptions. (Wart, 2012)
Moreover, leadership is constantly changing because of new contexts, tools and concerns, in order to represent by various situational demands on leadership (Kouzmin and Korac-Kakabadse, 2000). In the table 1, we are
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It is about making choices, trade-offs, and deliberately choosing to be different.
It should not be confused with operational effectiveness or best practices — what is good for everybody and what every business should be doing, such as TQM, benchmarking, or being a learning organization (Porter, 1980). Thus, when the plan is developed, the goal is to be different from the competitors. However, determine where the opportunities lie that you can best exploit rather you are willing to do anything.
For example, you cannot put E-learning and knowledge management at the front position of your strategic goals, if the leaders have principles and variety at the forefront of their strategic ideas. There are certain steps involved into strategic leadership planning as mentioned here under:

Strategic plan is the start of Visioning. You need to determine how best your department can bring about the changes that will sustain those plans, once the organizational strategic plans have been set by your leaders.

Four approaches to perform best Visioning strategy:
Internal Audit — Where are you now? (Snapshot of present time)
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